The Cornerstone Society

The third issue of Masonic Quarterly of October 2002 noted:

For those seeking to understand the meaning of the ritual there is the Cornerstone Society. Set up in 1999 under the patronage of the Marquess of Northampton, the Cornerstone Society aims to increase the awareness, particularly of Master Masons, of the real meaning and inner spirituality and beauty of our Masonic ritual. Given that Freemasonry teaches moral lessons and selfknowledge, the Cornerstone Society seeks to help brethren who are actively interested in developing a better understanding of this crucial aspect of Freemasonry.
The Cornerstone Society does not seek to impose its views, merely to open up avenues for exploration. This is done at conferences, which include lectures, workshops and question and answer sessions. It is not an academic society, but more a society of shared experience, which seeks to be interactive and to explore some of the ways in which we function as Freemasons how we conduct our ritual, what it means to us, and what the deeper meanings of the ritual are.

Sadly around 2010 the Society sank quietly into oblivion and it seems extinction and after that its dues to either its domain or ISP went unpaid and it was in masonic terms ‘excluded’. While it was woring it offered the chance to join others of a like mind in exploring the meaning and values of freemasonry  in what was a somewhat ‘touchy feely’ way unlike anything else within the compass of UGLE. It had a useful website full of papers which simply vanished from the global online. That has to be a substantial loss to the masonic world – so here are the ones I have. Feel free to download them and enjoy what others were lucky enough to experience live.