Getting a sound understanding of basic freemasonry in one’s own country may be something of a challenge to a new brother – an understanding the freemasonry of another country can be even more challenging. Also from time to time there are outbreaks of fraternal ill will and misunderstanding and these can seem strange and perplexing when a brother or stranger comes across them. These articles may help shed some light upon such matters as Regularity and Recognition  (both current and historical) and upon the freemasonry of different countries.

While almost all brothers can agree that the first three degrees of Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft and Master Mason are the core and can variously be known as the Craft, Blue, or St John’s  Degrees there can be considerable differencess between the modes of initiation, the ritual and the regalia between different masonic jurisdictions. Much of what is written by one brotherr about another country’s freemasonry may not have the right interpretation because it is hard to have a knowledge of the history of another country. I am willing to consider any articles offered for this section. Nothing inflammatory, nothing I deem to irregular and I reserve the right to seek the opinion of other experts. And finally my decision is final.