Just published at the start of October 2012!

It is now almost 100 years since the story of the Liverpool Masonic Rebellion and the Wigan Grand Lodge saw the light of day in print (in a book by Eustace Beesley that has long been unfindable). That makes this book by David Harrison an especially welcome publication and a chance for all those interested to read aboout the events. This has to be especially true for all freemasons in Lancashire where the Grand Lodge of Wigan has an almost mythic name while being very  little understood. The rebellion which started in Liverpool in 1823 and sent shock waves through Freemasonry in England, which had only unified ten years previously. The rebellion was set against the backdrop of revolt and radicalism in England during the early nineteenth century, and the book reveals a story full of Dickensian intrigue and skulduggery as the rebel Freemasons tried to resurrect the ‘Antient’ Grand Lodge. It deserves (and will get) a place on my library shelf!